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Barn Dance Tonite

The Brain Surgeons first DVD video is avaiable from CustomFlix. For the foreign fans we have it for a small savings on the shipping on this site in the MERCH section. It is an 8 year retrospective featuring videos from tBS version 1 (the quintet) and some live footage from the second year of tBS version 2 (the power trio). It features 15 songs, downloadable jpegs, interviews, discography.and a travelogue.

Vive La France

Who would have dreamed the Brain Surgeons would play the Moulin Rouge-- with or without their Maidenforms? But it's true-- La Locomotive, the fabulous venue where the Surgeons made their formal European debut, is the downstairs of the fabled Parisian landmark and quelle basement it is! The Brain Surgeons' first European tour has been a whirlwind of travel, interviews, autographs and cool jams from Paris to Bretagne, la Sud, Lyon and back une fois encore. Well, if you were there you know our French wasn't quite. Ok, there's always next time. Start saving yer Euros for le printemps. The vin rouge was flowing, the halls magnifique (sorry, even if we could really write en Francais, our computer can't) and the many fans (says Deborah, who should not be looking-- it is true that they all look like the sons of Alain Delon or daughters of Catherine Deneuve) more than enthusiastic. It has all been too fabulous-- from the blanquette de veau replacing tthe usual rider pizza... Chapeaus off to promoter Dominique and headliners American Dog... Arrrghhhhhhh..... well, guess you had to be there...but once you've run into road manager Brent, you'll understand...Maybe yes, maybe no...

Musicians' Tour

The Beach Party tour has been our most successful on many levels. There's nothing like having lots of experience to learn from- whether it's how many T shirts to pack, how many hours it really takes to get anywhere in Chicago, or what's really supposed to happen at the end (or beginning or middle, for that matter) of any given tune. What helped make this summer so different was the sheer number of great musicians who opened for, or better yet, jammed with us and made each night really unique, Perhaps the first outdoor gig, a family affair in the 1000 Islands, where it all started for the Bouchard brothers, set the tone for the next three weeks. At Clayton's Recreational Pavilion, Joe reprised some of his roles on Beach Party and Jim, who broke his elbow in a weird accident a couple of months ago, was only allowed to sing "Whatever Works." It was a rare opportunity to play with our Uncle Bill Streets' children and grandchildren, who, like many of us, are now living far from the old homestead. Uncle Bill was a semi-professional musician who launched Joe and me in our musical careers by teaching us how to play guitar and lending us the equipment that made our first band, the Regal Tones, possible. His son Ted was a key player in the Regal Tones and our development until we went to college and he went into the service during those Vietnam years, but all of the Streets are gifted. We know Uncle Bill would have gotten kick out of hearing the whole brood wail that day, including grandsons Jerome and Johnny, a keyboard prodigy who's headed to the Crane School of Music.

Next stop was the Cayuga County Fair, where we jammed on the Woodstock-like stage with Static Cling. These guys (and gal, sorry, Cathy) kick out more jams every time we get together. In Minneapolis, the opening band, 13 Hertz, was a real surprise with their dreamy progressive material and charismatic lead singer. The following night, Hollyrocks in Wisconsin Rapids the kind of genuine rock party scene people keep complaining doesn't exist anymore. That had something to do with guitarist Jeff Gauss who opened with his old band the Lizards, and lent some truly inspired licks to favorites like "Astronomy." Two nights later in Madison, Jeff managed to top himself (and almost everybody else) when he and the amazing keyboard player in his other band, the Weavils, John Finucan, sat in.

Chicago's Heartland Cafe was a good excuse to hang out with blues maven and Buck and my fellow Clarkson dropout, Dr. Roger Maltz. It was an even better excuse to re-write "Born in Chicago" as the ballad of my 19-year-old self stranded in Chicago at the mercy of the Maltz family. Meanwhile, Deborah seized the moment to help a young fan, Zach, celebrate his 10th birthday (and first Surgeons show) by ordering cake and ice cream for everyone in the house. (So why is it a surprise when we actually break even?)   The Elbow Room in Ann Arbor provided another emotional high- a long overdue reunion with Charlie Martin, drummer of Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band, who provided what some of most astute percussion ever on a particular cowbell-fevered song. 

In Columbus, the Brain Surgeons improved upon local tradition by welcoming onstage not only the giant of a gent who appears, much like his comic book namesake, to save a "Batman"-less city nightly, but also club owner Tony (Robin?) Painter on drums. Pittsburgh proved, once again, a perfect tour's end with hot local bands, the two-bass pumping Cattletrap and Killing the Messenger priming a crowded house for total Brain salad surgery.

Thanks to all who made these parties possible, particularly Bonnie Bouchard, John and Judy Cook, Kim Drayhiem, Perry Bowles, Scott Wolf, Jeff Gauss, Pat Wolosek, Susie and Roger Maltz as well as those who put in more miles and shows than any Deadhead-- Markus, Heather, Ron, Redcap, Ice Dog, Doug, Chris, Vic Hess and everybody else who left us wanting to jump back up and do it all over again.

While the Brain Surgeons are away, CDBaby will play--click on the link next to the album to order. The new tour T shirts, sacre bleu (we told you we needed language help-or maybe just French kisses) will only be available at the shows. But where else can you get a heavy duty shirt at this incredible price? The state of your wardrobe alone is worth a trip!

Album Trailers Available

MP3 samples of all the Brain Surgeons are available on this website. Each file is 3 to 4 Mgs so you should probably have a high speed connection to hear them properly. The process of making these mini-epics was surprisingly entertaining to the people who had worked so hard to create these sounds in the first place. We hope you like them too. Although all the songs on each album are not represented there are enough to give you an idea of what to expect. Trailers of all the other Cellsum artists are coming soon.

Bouchard Joins New Band

Jim Bouchard has formed a new band with some of the musicians he played with in Fire In The Boathouse. The new band is called Union Label and the material is eclectic and loose. Jim has signed on as lead guitar. They plan to start gigging as soon as Jim recovers from a broken arm sustained enroute to a FITBH gig. In other news from Boston, Jim's son, Gray Bouchard, has completed his first six song demo and is developing new material as he gigs with his own band.

Albert Bouchard has finished mixing the new Mz Pakman album. Mz Pakman is an all female punk group who played with the Brain Surgeons a couple years ago a downtown NYC club. The album should be available soon at eindie.com.

Beach Party Tonight

The Brain Surgeons new fun, fun, fun album Beach Party is available through this website right now. Go to the Merch page to get your copy. Haven't heard the Brain Surgeons yet? Check out the sample MP3 by clicking on the Beach Party link on the Albums page.

You may be visiting this site because of a postcard you recieved from Cellsum Records. If so, welcome and thanks for coming. The site is constantly being updated with gigs, news and other information. Coming soon will be sample streaming videos fo all you folks with bandwidth.

Cellsum is working on the next David Roter album as well as a re-release of David's first two vinyl releases Beauty of the Island and Bambo as one value-added CD. Also coming later this year is the long awaited Helen Wheels Tribute DVD video. A best of David Roter Method DVD video may also happen before the end of the year.

The Brain Surgeons European tour will most likely be rescheduled for later this year. There were too many scheduling conflicts to make it happen this June. Passports have been secured and connections have been made so it is just a matter of time.

David Roter R.I.P.

David Roter, musician, singer, humorist, educator, humanitarian, bowling coach, Cellsum artist and friend, passed away on February 16th, 2003 from complications after a bone marrow transplant. He suffered from a form of leukemia and decided on the transplant after other strategies were not successful.

David Roter was an integral part of the Blue Oyster Cult circle of friends, musicians and writers. He was discovered by BOC manager, Sandy Pearlman, while attending school at Stony Brook University. He sang with various members of BOC and their friends almost continuously from 1967 to 2002. His most popular song, Joan Crawford Has Risen From the Grave, was on BOC's Fire of Unknown Origin album in 1981. He entered the teaching profession in 1976 but still wrote and recorded his music as his schedule would allow. He was outgoing with a quick wit and a soft heart. He was generous with his friends and students. He has two albums on Cellsum, They Made Me and Find Something Beautiful, two vinyl out-of-print records on his own Unknown Tongue label, Bambo and Beauty of the Island, and an as-yet-unfinished Cellsum CD recorded last fall.

He is survived by his sister Debby, brothers, Harvey and Sandy, his wife Vivian and two sons, Jacob and Ben.

Dr. Music Calls The Brain Surgeons

A benefit Saturday, February 8 at Manhattan disco Centro-Fly, not only raised substantial funds for the Fieldston Ethical Culture School's financial aid program. It set the stage for a rockin' reunion between Blue Öyster Cult's Albert Bouchard and Ellen "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" Foley, who also contributed her inimitable vocals to Cult classic "Dr. Music" en route to her own Broadway and TV stardom. Foley, joined by her composer/lyricist husband Doug Bernstein and partner Dennis Markell, fronted the Brain Surgeons.

In keeping with the evening's Hairspray theme, somewhat skewed versions of '60s staples "Be My Baby" (highlighted by such Foley asides as "I don't want you to be my baby, I need you to be my baby-sitter!") and "Chapel of Love" were served, along with Godzilla and Dr. Music, more traditional fare donated by benefactors such as Restaurant Daniel.

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