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Albert For The American Way

Albert donated a drum for the People for the American Way's annual auction. The eBay description is accurate excep that the lyrics are for I am The One You Warned Me Of.. Congratulations to luchenzig who won the auction.

Enter Brain Surgeons

The Brain Surgeons head into the studio in downtown Manhattan to record their eighth album December 18 with master engineer, Paul Special, once again behind the board. This recording will have all new music, no covers, just the kick ass material written during the summer 2004. Some may see these songs as a change of direction for the band but others will see it as a natural evolution given the history of it's newest member. Prepare to be surprised.

A video clip of the Brain Surgeons first official gig with Ross the Boss is available here. It's a bit dark and small but the sound is pretty good and you can get an idea of how the Boss roasts the chestnuts



The Brain Surgeons have been much too busy to cry over le vin rouge they were not able to enjoy at the source this month. The postponement of October's French dates allowed the greatest creative frenzy in the history of the band to keep exploding-- to date, they've written and demo'd more than 20 great new songs with Ross, approximately 3/4 of which are destined for the next studio album, which should be ready to mix, if not finished, by the time of the re-scheduled European invasion in February. Both Ross and Albert feel it's some of the heaviest, most exciting material they've ever been involved with on any level-- and the excitement is fairly contagious.
Please refer to the fan reviews of a subterranean sneak preview- with no sound check, no PA system to speak of, no NOTHIN- to get a mere trifle of an inkling. In short, the band has been re-born. And not that any of them would presume to be Jesus-or John Lennon-- let's say the feeling is not unlike the original Easter morning, with or without eggs. That being said, here are just a few titles for you to chew on "Verboten," "Jimmy Boots Fetish," "Constantine's Sword," "Lonestar" that are probably less likely to change than others. There are more, but we think you might prefer to be completely hit over the head at a later date. The sound has not been hurt by Ross's procuring of an outrageous Seymour Duncan-equipped gold top for Deborah from the wonderful people at ESP, which have helped her achieve the ballsiest tone of her existence. Or, in the words of at least one privileged sneak preview attendee, "That guitar has tits."

We also received word that Deborah's classic Guns N'Roses essay made the top ten (it came in at number 2) most read piece on Rock's Backpages last week. It appears in its entirety (although with a few new oddities, courtesy perhaps, of its digitizing on yet another continent than the one it was either written or webcast from) unlike the truncated version in the Penguin Book of Rock Writing, or whatever that useful doorstopper is called. It's definitely worth a look.

Reports from Paris that the most promininent Virgin megastores immediately sold out their initial stock of BLACK HEARTS OF SOUL within days of release by Bad Reputation. If you are having difficulty finding or ordering it, please contact Bad Reputation directly. Cellsum is expecting a small shipment of the classy design- complete with digipack and elaborate multi-page booklet- for US fans only, but they have yet to arrive (Customs, maybe?). At the moment, you may have better luck contacting either the label or a European buddy who can go directly to the shop.

Meanwhile, you can SHOW YOUR COLORS with the first ever, official Brain Surgeons Motorcyle Patch (see Merch). This is THE perfect Xmas gift for any true Brain Surgeons believer, even if your loved one is too cheap to throw in the new jacket or Harley to go with it.

According to Netflix - Christopher Walken Saturday Night Live is out on DVD - One of the most versatile and gifted performers ever to host "Saturday Night Live," Christopher Walken has proved time and time again to be in a class of his own. This disc features all the greatest continentals, all the trivial tales of Ed Glosser and all the prescriptions you'll ever need to cure your "cowbell crazed fever." Bonus material includes scenes that were cut after dress rehearsal and never seen again until now. Here's a review from JK in Providence...
"I rented this strictly for the "cow bell" skit, which I had seen when it originally aired. True to SNL form, the remainder of the skits are vulgar and sophmoric. What makes the "cow bell" skit so worthwhile (other than Will Farrell stealing the show) is that it's free of sexual innuendo, potty jokes and it doesn't insult the audience's intelligence by carefully spelling out every punchline. Rent this one if for nothing other than the "cow bell"

Al Speaks Up For the USA

Brazil, 9/9/04l: Our man in Brazil, Thiago Sarkis writes, "I'm here to bring the "Anti-American???" Article to you. You can take a look on it here: The responses to it are being great. We had more than 5.500 hits until now and we received highlights in magazines from countries like Hungary, Poland, Italy, Brazil, USA".

French Dates Postponed

Due to promotional considerations, the Brain Surgeons tour must be delayed. The new album will be in shops in late September. Optimal tour dates that will include UK and Germany will be rescheduled for early 2005. Prepare for the onslaught.

Brain Surgeons Sign to Bad Reputation

The Brain Surgeons have signed a record contract with Bad Reputation Records of France to distribute the new Brain Surgeons record, Black Hearts of Soul, in Europe. The album is a compilation of greatest hits and three new tracks featuring Ross the Boss on lead. This will be the perfect disc to recommend to people who have never heard the Brain Surgeons, and a hot, tantalizing taste of the pure rock future ahead.

Cellsum Nite Rocks New York

Ask anyone who was there. It was an incredible night. Joe Bouchard bravely premiered a batch of brand new songs...and was that Patti Scialfa singing harmony? Joe, Albert. Dr. Jack Rigg and Andy Shernoff made David Roter's songs of genius and impotence come alive. Even scarier, David Hirschberg used his insider information regarding the lyrics of "Il Duce" to reveal his inner Roger Daltrey. As for the Brain Surgeons, what can we say about Ross the Boss's interpretations of everything from "Cities" (you've never heard it like this) to "Lady of the Harbor" without soiling ourselves? The Brain Surgeons mini-van has been pimped into a muscle car. Pictures at eleven.

Deborah Frost's Back pages

In response to numerous requests, many of Deborah Frost's greatest hits (and
maybe a miss or two) will soon be available for the first time online at Even without (or with) Deborah, this is a fantastic site
and service to subscribe to- it's THE ultimate rock mag of your dreams. It
could even be addictive. But we absolutely guarantee you will find it more
productive than online gambling, day-trading or porn and a lot cheaper than
online shopping. Go there.


Latest member of the Brain Surgeons, Ross the Boss (Dictators, Manowar) adds his own brand of ear/eye melting city flaming rock & roll to new tracks on the forthcoming Brain Surgeons "Best Of" CD and tour coming atcha Summer '04.

Surgeons on the Radio

Residents of Minneapolis twin cities area will be able to hear Albert and Deborah talk about the Brain Surgeons and their favorite music on KFAI, Sunday April 18th. It's a weekly public access show called the WAVE Project and can also be listened to live on streaming audio. It will be archived online at for two weeks afterwards.

Deborah Frost Endorses Seymour Duncan

The Seymour Duncan company has asked Deborah Frost to endorse their aftermarket pickups. She naturally agreed because every guitar and bass that she uses has at least one Seymour Duncan pickup inside. This means only one thing, more great sounds from the Brain Surgeons in the future.

Mandocaster Grows Strings and Other Tales

Albert Bouchard tells about his adventures in messing up instruments in the story on his gear page. Find it here.

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