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And Now A Word From Our Sponsors
We can’t wrap up our news section without acknowledging the many manufacturers who have aided the Brain Surgeons in their quest for live sonic perfection. First a shout out to ESP guitars who provided an EC400AT to Deborah and an EC1000 to Ross for their 2005 gigs. Second a big thanks to Shure who provided one of the best things of the year, the PSM200 Wireless in-ear monitor system, which made our vocals sound great even if they were not so audible to the audience. Thanks also to the Audix Corporation who provided new OM5 vocal mics, which allowed even underpowered PAs to make the vocals audible. Shout outs also to Evans drum head company who provided a complete line of drumheads to allow Al to find the ultimate drum sound. Thanks also to GHS string corporation who provided many sets of strings for the many gigs we played. Finally thanks to our regular sponsors, Pro-mark, Rhythm-Tech, Zildjian, and Drum Workshop who will be providing new equipment to make 2006 the best year ever.

That's All Folks!

Brain Surgeons NYC wrapped up their 2005 gig schedule with another great show at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch NJ. Bass player David Hirschberg got plenty of love on the occasion of his birthday from fans, friends and even strangers as the crowd chanted Da-vid, Da-vid, Da-vid over and over. Planning now commences in earnest for the release of the new record and the tour schedule in 2006. Have a happy and safe holiday everybody. See you next year.

Wow Tour Report

The Brain Surgeons fall gigs were possibly the most successful to date. BSNYC played with more great support acts to more great fans than ever before. Check out Deborah’s myspace blog and comments to see what we’re talking about.
Perfect Punxgiving
Punxgiving Fest in Cortland was a truly special night, the best of the 50 groundbreaking gigs and thousands of miles we've traveled with Ross. Of course, it was made possible by folks who really know how to throw a great party, put together a slammin' bill of complimentary artists and make everyone--from band to packed house-- feel like honored guests. It was a total pleasure, and a perfect way to top off a great year (though David's birthday Dec. 16 might be cause to celebrate with a not-so-private exhibition back home in NYC--watch this space). Here's the way Joe Bronowich. one of the promoters (and a not too-shabby-guitarist himself, even if he just got his personal pantheon properly sorted!) just put it to the Surgeons:
"As you are well aware, you guys TOTALLY SLAYED the crowd. How you kept the energy level up that long is a mystery to me -- I guess that is the primary difference between pros and weekend warriors! It was an awesome show.
You guys were total sweethearts as well, and we'd love to have you again. Of course, the last thing Otto and I wanna talk about today is next year’s event! But you made some fans in Cortland for sure and I am certain you will be rocking Lucky's again soon if you want to. As for me, I live in NJand work in NYC so I'll be looking out for your next gig down here too. I’ll speak for Bobcat and Otto when I say I hope you consider us friends as well as fans and let us know if there is any way we can ever be of assistance. One major change happened this year -- my old guitar idol, Top Ten Kempner, has been supplanted in the number 1 spot by ROSS THE MUDDAFUGGIN BOSS! (But Stevie Ray still has his chairman emeritus spot)"Joe
Sleepless in Seattle
And oh yeah, we've also played some unbelievable shows. But the opening acts have set some pretty high standards...Kurt Bloch reinvented BOC at the Sunset...where we first encountered Rev. Fred Speakman... an awesome guitar picker in his own right... Mike Peterson of JED is the best rock drummer you've never heard of--anywhere--in both Albert's & my opinion---their tag team solo on Godzilla last night was one for the annals... each night is better than the last.... Friday night's Godzilla solo with Mike Peterson in Olympia (the last show with the JED guys) was not merely a cute idea...but the kind of inspired musical moment might have to listen to, say, a Max Roach and Dizzy Gillespie live date to get the idea...
We were a little delayed en route to the gig due to Albert's reuniting with Sandy Pearlman and Patti Smith for the first time in 20 years in the hotel lobby.

Brain Surgeons Save CBGB, Regal Tones Reunion

The Brain Surgeons are putting together a special benefit show at CBGB on October 21st. The final bill is to be confirmed but there will be many special guests and a Cellsum-themed night. In other news Albert and Joe's high school band will reunite on July 8th 2006 for a special benefit show in Clayton NY. Details are being worked out but it will be a long sweet trip down memory lane.

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Summer Tour 2005

The Brain Surgeons are back from our whirlwind tour of the Eastern half of the United States, 20 shows in 24 days, 6500 miles, 99 hours in the van, 180 hours in smoky clubs, and countless people who’ve been rocked so hard they’re still trying to figure out how the hell to describe what just happened to them. This plentitude of fun should have really been illegal, but Deborah has developed a strange new habit of asking everyone who wants to join in on the ride for ID. That said, it was absolutely luverly to connect with so many new and old friends. Many thanks to the club owners, promoters and personnel who invited us to party in their joints and attended to our every need, even, in the case of the supremely vigilant Tom Looney, going so far as to remediate our sad golf grips by insisting we hit off his roof.

We couldn't have done it without some extraordinarily talented sound people, especially April from Chicago, Ken from Pittsburgh, Kevin from Lansing, Mike from Charleston SC, and Nick in Fort Worth or dynamite bands like the Needles, the Joint Chiefs, The Cheats, North End House Band, The Lizardz and DeArmond who shared our bills. Multiple salutes to Joint Chiefs guitarist, Steve-O, for inspired riffing and emergency duty for Ross the Boss in Memphis. This man deserves a bigger statue for service to his town than Elvis. Special honors are also due those who travelled almost (or in some cases, as far) as the band did, attending multiple shows in different towns : Chris Baker, Dawn-O-War, Doug VanDyke, Inflatable Chris Trujillo, Modulus and Heather, Mark Ice Dog and famous cookbook editor Kira.We now officially dub thee The Brain Trust.

Other highlights include jamming with Ed from fIREHOSE and hanging with Superchunk and Southern Culture on the Skids members in Chapel Hill, kissin' cousins in West Virginia and Godzilla’s gorgeous flasher in Greensboro. We discovered the blues (and everything else) is alive and ripping at the North Side in Georgia, courtesy of the incredible House Band and Mike Lowery, a kid who seems to have channelled everything we once loved about both Mike Bloomfield and Rory Gallagher. He's someone to watch out for.

Mama Dip's fried chicken in Chapel Hill was all it's cracked up to be, we got headlocks and cowboy boots in Nashville, enjoyed the boundless hospitality of Dr. and Mrs. Maltz in Chicago, had an excellent adventure with Steve and Ted at I-Rock and another great tour-end show thanks to Joel Greenfield (the Bill Graham of biker punk) in Pittsburgh. Lookiing forward to Boston-area bill in September with ex-Joe Perry Band vocalist Mach Bell's new outfit. Check the Shows page for dates and details. Paul Special is mixing our forthcoming Denial of Death in Manhattan. Meanwhile, there is only one thing left to say: Onward, soldiers.

Fabienne Shine's Brilliant

Albert and Ross the Boss were joined by brother Joe Bouchard to record a couple tracks for the new Fabienne Shine (singer from Shakin' Street) solo album. The songs were recorded at Dubway Studios in manhattan and were produced by keyboardist Barry Gruber. The sessions went smoothly, the tracks were stunning, old friendships were renewed and all involved look forward to more days like this.

Brain Surgeons Street Team

Be part of the Brain Surgeons Street Team. If you are close to a date the Brain Surgeons are playing this summer you can help get people to see the show by printing out flyers and posting them up in any appropriate place- music stores, record stores, community bulletin boards, laundromats etc. Write to us with your plans to help promote the shows and we will send you free stuff.

Mike Watt Rules

On my birthday, May 24th, I went to see a screening of “We Jam Econo” the Minuteman documentary. This film is highly recommended but what makes it especially important is that it proves that Mike Watt is the ultimate musician’s musician. He makes an articulate argument for finding yourself as an artist. You see how a bunch of kids misunderstand their idols’ motives and try to rise to their misunderstandings and in the process create a kind of music never heard before. Without Captain Beefheart there could be no Minutemen. Without the Minutemen there could never be Mars Volta. Anyway we are grateful that we continue to inspire and be inspired.

To Helen With Love: The Concert

The long awaited Helen Wheels Tribute concert video has finally been completed. It is available for sale now and you can see the trailer by clicking here. The concert, which took place in New York City on December 4th, 2001, features performances by Buck Dharma, Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, the Brain Surgeons, Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith, Static Cling, Tish and Snooky, Crispin Cioe and many different combinations of musicians. It also features interviews with performers and audience members and behind the scenes peeks of this special night.


While CBGBs remains locked in a life-or-death battle with its landlord (go to for more information) in a New York court, the thrills were flowing even before the Brain Surgeons officially blew the place apart with their set. First, Albert contributed "more cowbell" to the Tuff Darts' classic "All For the Love of Rock & Roll" as Annie Golden, making a rare visit from Broadway, chimed in. But when the unadvertised Lenny Kaye showed up with Patti Smith bandmate Tony Shanahan and invited Al to jam on a transcendent "Gloria" that turned into a 16 song set that traversed all the points between "Are You Experienced" to "Jessie's Girl" as only these guys could figure 'em out, the never-ending night evolved into true magic. You shoulda been there.

Home Again

Brain Surgeons returned home to hundreds of email messages with positive comments about the shows in Europe. If we don't reply to every one please accept our apology and know that we really do appreciate your support. There are lots of new pictures on the pictures page. See if your face is there. Work now begins on mixing our new record and finding the best possible distribution system for it. There will be some local gigs in New York in the next couple months but touring around the country will have to wait until August.

Albert on TotalRock

Albert will be talking to Malcolm Dome live on the air at 5PM UKT. noon EST on TotalRock Wednesday January 26th. The show is available on the web at or over the air in UK at "On Air" SKY Channel 938. As of Dec 1st 2004, this is TotalRock's temporary channel until SKY provide a permanent channel. Channel 938 is operated by WRN

Brain Surgeons Invade Britain

The long delayed and awaited return of Albert Bouchard to the shores of the British Isles is finally about to happen, ladies and gentlemen. The Brain Surgeons will play their first and only UK date at the legendary 100 Club in London on February 11, 2005. In addition to the blistering material they perfected last summer their set will feature many of the face melting new songs that the Brain Surgeons just recorded at the conclusion of 2004. More historic dates will follow in Germany and a special Valentines Day Rocks You show in Paris on Monday February 14th. See the Shows page for more details about the individual shows.

New Brain Surgeons Album Completed

Work on the new Brain Surgeons album is done except for the mixing. It is the first Brain Surgeons that has no covers or previously recorded material. It has spring fully formed from the fertile minds of Albert, David, Deborah and Ross. The songs were written over four months, rehearsed over two months and recorded in two days with another month of vocal and guitar overdubs. The Brain Surgeons are now looking for a great mixer to complete the project.

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