You may remember Les as Les Braunstein, the Soft White Underbelly's original lead singer. Fool's Gold also features Buck Dharma and Albert Bouchard on rare old as well as brand new recordings. Songs include:

1 Atlantic and Pacific

2 Coast to Coast

3 Scratch Around

4 Test Tube Babies

5 Slow Time

6 Half a Century Boy

7 Jet Set Cruise

8 Last Night in Long Beach

9 Water World

10 Dark Angel

11 Magdaline

12 Ticket to Negumbo

13 Love Being Seen with You

14 Trashed Out In Miami

15 Departure Point


vocals: Les Vegas

back-up vocals: Ilene Russel, Sherryl Marshall, Jon Ossman, Pam Mathesson, Kathie Leather

guitar: Ted Lewand, Peter Haviland, Donald Roeser, Howie Also, Sean Gallagher, Mikey Vegas

bass: Bill Merchant, Terry Mann, John Trivers

drums: Chris Grassi, Albert Bouchard, John Ossman

violin: Walter Stedding, Craig Thayler

sax: Shane Kirsch, Ian Bennet

trombone: Dean Jones

piano, Andy Rael


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