Tribute to Helen Wheels  

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Buck Dharma sings lead on the incredible "Elle Sol" and contributed his trademark guitar to several tracks.

Crispin Cioe, who's played with everybody-- from the President of the U.S. to the Godfather of Soul-- played sax, as he often did on numerous "Downtown Diva" bills with Helen (her duet with NY Doll Sylvain Sylvain was particularly memorable).

Scott "Top Ten" Kempner , who's currently splitting his time between the Dictators and a project with Neil Geraldo (Derringer, Pat Benatar), chose the album's only cover, an impromptu acoustic version of Dylan's "Chimes of Freedom," It was one of the first songs the Dictators did when they first backed Helen, and Scott played it in subsequent versions of the Wheels band, one of which evolved into his next major label project, the Del Lords.

Jack Secret (one of the secrets of BÖC's Imaginos-- he's agent 777, among other things) lent his inimitable growl to "Room to Rage" and " Will to Survive."

Ross the Boss, of both Dictators and Man O'War fame, burns on "Room to Rage."

The Brain Surgeons contributed new versions of "Sinful Love," "Niagara Falls," and "St. Vitus." One song, "Stealin' Thing." didn't make the final album, but as is fairly certain with most music Albert Bouchard has had a hand in, it will inevitably surface somewhere. Hopefully, it will not take as long as the Stalk-Forrest Group!

Felice Rosser , whose praises have been sung by New Yorkers from Spike Lee to Lisa Jones (whose Village Voice on the subject can be found in your bookstores in the anthology Rock, She Wrote) sings the lead-off track, "Lover's Loan." Felice may be familiar as the background voice on previous Brain Surgeons' efforts. Check out her own band Faith. Dictator

Adny Shernoff and Tish and Snooky (singers in the original Blondie, the S*c F*cs, and founders of the Manic Panic cosmetic empire) contributed to "Sinful Love."

Sandy Roeser, better known for lyrics and backrgrounds for BÖC and Buck Dharma's Flat Out , steps up to an inspiring lead vocal on "Hero," which Helen co-wrote with Albert and Mark ("Pretty Flamingos") Barkan.

Static Cling, the Ithaca band Helen was working with at the time of her death, recorded one of the last songs she wrote, "As I Bleed."

Jack Rigg, veteran of both Helen and David Johansen's bands, co-author of "Joan Crawford" and provider of many of the guitars on Imaginos, pulled out all the stops on "Goodbye Joe."

Joe Bouchard, aided by Alice Cooper's Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway, re-interpreted "Fallen Angel," an ode to one of the many bikers who claimed Helen as their own,

1. Helen Wheels - 00:33 (HD Manitoba) Handsome Dick Manitoba: vocal

2. Lover's Loan - 02:55 (Wheels, A Bouchard) published by Barking Bush Music; Felice Rosser: vocal; Scott Kempner: lead guitar; Crispin Cioe: sax; Buck Dharma: rhythm guitar; Joe Bouchard: bass; Albert Bouchard: drums

3. Sinful Love - 03:37 (Wheels, A Bouchard) published by Sony ATV Tunes; Deborah Frost: bass; Crispin Cioe: Saxes; Adny Shernoff: harmony vocal; Tish and Snooky: harmony vocals; David Hirschberg: guitar; Albert Bouchard: vocal, drums, guitar

4. Elle Sol - 03:28 (Wheels, J Bouchard) published by Joe Bouchard Music; Buck Dharma: vocals, guitar; Joe Bouchard: bass; Tommy Mandel: piano, organ; Albert Bouchard: drums, slide guitar

5. Niagara Falls - 04:12 (Wheels, Morrongiello) published by 2helenback Music; Deborah Frost: vocals, bass; David Hirschberg: guitars, vocals; Albert Bouchard: drums, vocals

6. Will to Survive - 03:32 (Wheels, J Bouchard) published by Joe Bouchard Music; Jack Secret: vocals; Joe Bouchard: guitar, bass; Albert Bouchard: drums, guitar, harmonica

7. Fallen Angel - 04:38 (Wheels, J Bouchard) published by Sony ATV Tunes; Joe Bouchard: vocals, guitar; Dennis Dunaway: bass; Neal Smith: drums; Matt Smith: slide guitar

8. Room to Rage - 03:24 (Wheels, R Aaronson) published by 2helenback Music; Jack Secret: vocal; Adny Shernoff: second vocal; Deborah Frost: bg vocal; David Hirschberg: bg vocal; Ross the Boss: lead guitar; Joe Bouchard: guitar, bass; Albert Bouchard: drums, bg vocal

9. Hero - 03:33 (Wheels, A Bouchard, M Barkan) published by Pam-Bar Ltd / Barking Bush Music; Sandy Roeser: vocals; Buck Dharma: guitars, vocals; Joe Bouchard: bass; Albert Bouchard: drums

10. St. Vitus - 03:54 (Wheels, A Bouchard, D Frost) published by Barking Bush Music; Deborah Frost: vocals, guitars; David Hirschberg: bass, vocals; Albert Bouchard: drums, vocals

11. Goodbye Joe - 03:04 (Wheels, J Bouchard) published by Joe Bouchard Music; Jack Rigg: vocal, lead guitar; Buck Dharma: rhythm guitar; Tommy Mandel: piano; Joe Bouchard: bass; Albert Bouchard: drums

12. As I Bleed - 04:41 (Wheels, Draheim, Shayler); Cathi Lee Otis: vocals; Kim Draheim: guitar ; Ron Shayler: bass; Bob Birmingham: drums

13. Chimes of Freedom - 04:22 (Bob Dylan) published by Warner Bros Music; Scott Kempner: guitar, vocal; Deborah Frost: bass, vocals; Albert Bouchard: tambourine, mandocaster, vocals

Tracks 2-11 recorded by Paul Orofino, Millbrook Sound, Millbrook, NY

Tracks 1, 13 recorded by Albert Bouchard, Castle DeVille, NYC

Track 12 recorded and mixed by Dave Anderson, Saxon Sound, Rochester, NY

Additional recording tracks 4, 8: Don Roeser, Hit Shed, Red Bank, NJ

Additional recording tracks 1-6, 8-11: Al Bouchard, Castle DeVille

Additional recording track 7: Joe Bouchard, Geer Mountain Studio, Kent, CT

Mix: Paul Special for Special Audio Services and Albert Bouchard

Mastering: Andy VanDette, Masterdisk

Artwork: Helen Wheels

Helen photo: Peter Robbins

Title lettering: R Crumb

All songs ASCAP

All profits from this record go to animal charities.