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It's Christmas… Again

by Albert & the Sleigh Riders

Released 2017
Most Cowbell Records
Released 2017
Most Cowbell Records
The long awaited Holiday collaboration between Blue Oyster Cult founder, Albert Bouchard, and the divas of the demented, Tish and Snooky Bellomo of Manic Panic fame. Featuring Joe Cerisano, Christine Ohlman, Mickey Leigh, Blue Coupe and others.
Produced and Engineered by Albert Bouchard
at Postage Stamp Studio except where noted*
Artwork by Jeremy Harper
Mastered by Andy VanDette, Engine Room Audio
Albert Bouchard - Drums
Tish and Snooky Bellomo - background vocals

Rock n Roll Scrooge
(A Bouchard, D Dunaway, K Vargas)
Bass, samples and lead vocal - Dennis Dunaway
Guitars and Keys - Albert
Piano, Percussion, Slide Guitar - Joe Bouchard

Las Vegas Christmas
(A Bouchard)
Vocal - Meli
Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Vocals, Keys - Albert

Christmas On The Road
(A Bouchard, K Vargas)
Vocal - Joe Cerisano
Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Keys - Albert

Christmas Yearning
(A Bouchard, K Vargas)
Vocal - Christine Ohlman
Trumpet - Wayne Cobham
Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Keys - Albert

Manic Panic Teknikolor Christmas
(A Bouchard)
Vocal - Keith Roth
Lead and rhythm Guitar - Nick Didkovsky
Guitar, Bass, Sax, Keys - Albert

Sweet Chrystmas Tyme
(A Bouchard, K Vargas)
Vocal, Guitars, Percussion, Keys - Albert

(A Shernoff, A Bouchard, J Bouchard)
Vocal - Andy Shernoff
Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Answer Vocals - Joe Bouchard
Cowbell - Peter Robbins

Haunted Hollyday
(A Bouchard)
Vocal - Mickey Leigh
Guitars, Bass, Keys - Albert

Come Christmas
(A Bouchard, K Vargas)
Vocal, Guitars, Percussion, Keys - Albert
Bass - Andy Shernoff

My Christmas Baby
(A Bouchard, J Bouchard)
Vocal - Joe Bouchard
Guitars, Bass, Percussion - Joe Bouchard

Another Christmas Song
(A Bouchard, A Nowlan-O’Connell)
Vocal, Guitars, Percussion, Keys - Albert
Bass - Andy Shernoff

You Always Hated Christmas
(A Bouchard, K Vargas)
Vocal Joe Hurley
Guitar, Sax, Banjo, Mandolin, Percussion, Keys - Albert
Additional vocals - Alicia Nowlan-O’Connell & Albert
Bass - Andy Shernoff

*Joe Cerisano vocal engineered by Joe Cerisano
*Wayne’s parts engineered by Wayne Cobham at Cabin In The Woods Studio, Pomona, NY
*Andy’s vocal engineered by Andy Shernoff
*Nick Recorded at Punos Music
*Keith Roth vocal engineered by Bob Pantella at Freak Shop Studios
*Mickey Leigh vocal engineered by Matt Chiaravalle at Mercy Sound
*Joe Bouchard’s tracks engineered by Joe Bouchard

Meli appears courtesy of MEN OF PRINCIPLE RECORDS (M.O.P.3)
Nick appears courtesy of Doctor Nerve and Vomit Fist

Albert Bouchard endorses Evans Drum Heads, Promark Sticks, Zildjian Cymbals, LP Percussion and DW Drums.
Wayne endorses AMT Microphones, Phaeton Trumpets, Getzen Flugelhorns, Apple Computers, Steinberg/Cubase/Nuendo,
Mickey wishes to thank the Academy.

Albert wishes to thank; Manic Panic, Kathy Vargas, Blue Coupe and all the musicians who gave their time to make this record happen, especially Snooky Bellomo who was the original partner in crime on this endeavor, Jonathan Moorhead and May Pang for inviting me into their magnificent world and Lesa Nowlan-O’Connell for being there for me.